Leandra Thompson

Leandra Thompson, is the owner and director of Vai Hau Nui. She is lead choreographer and costume designer for solo and group choreography.
As a passionate dancer/soloist over the course of ten years and placing in Tahiti, Hawaii, California and Reno Nevada, Leandra fell deeply in love with Tahitian Culture, So much so that in 2010 she formed her own Tahitian Dance Group where she welcomes dancer of all ages and walks of life to experience and learn about the Tahitian Dance Culture. Ushering many of her students onto very successful solo careers. One of the most prominent being 2012's San Jose Tahiti Fete's Overall Soloist Award.
A student of the Conservatoire Artistque Polynesie Francise since 2009. She travels to Tahiti at least once a year to continue her studies of Ori Tahiti, under the direction of Mamie Louse and Vanina Ehu.



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